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Amish Murder
Police Interview of Edward Gingerich - Page 1 of 3

This tape is a transcript of an interview conducted with murder suspect Edward Gingerich on the 19th of March 1993. Conducted by Trooper Lloyd and Trooper Bey.

L: Ed, do you know what a tape recorder is?

G: Uh-huh.

L: This is a tape recorder. We’re going to tape what you are saying. Do you understand that?

G: Okay.

L: Okay, Ed. I explained to you and I read you that form that I told you were your Rights, that you had the right to remain silent and what not, you remember that, do you understand that, Ed?

G: (Did not verbally respond. He shook his head no.)

L: You do not. You understand that stuff you say can be held against you. About what went on today, do you understand that?

G: How do you mean?

L: Well, things that you say could be held against you in a court of law, you understand that.

G: Yeah, and religion.

L: And religion, law and religion. And that you have the right to have an attorney. You understand what an attorney is?

G: Yeah.

L: Okay. And you understand you have that right to have an attorney and I explained to you that is you cannot afford to hire one, then the courts would five you one free to represent.

G: I know what you mean.

L: Okay. So you understand that?

G: Yeah.

L: Okay.

G: But in our religion we will not have done that.

L: In your religion, maybe not, but we have to go by our law.

G: Okay, the law, the law.

L: We have to go by the laws and the law says I have to tell you this.

G: Yes.

L: And you understand this, Ed?

G: No.

L: You do not understand you have the right to a free attorney?

G: Oh, a free one?

L: Yeah.

G: Yes, I understand.

L: You have the right to have an attorney, you understand that?

G: Yeah.

L: Even though you

G: What I’m thinking, my mind is confused, I’m going to tell you that right now, but the reason we don’t use the number, the social security number

L: Yeah?

G: Because of the beat, the beat somewhere, the computer (unintelligible), the computer.

L: Right.

G: In fact, we feel we can track our minds.

L: Okay, but let’s get back on the track and back on the track is you understand what I’ve explained to you on that piece of paper.

G: Yeah.

L: Okay, I explained to you that you do not have to talk to me is you do not want to.

G: Yeah.

L: And you understand that?

G: Yeah.

L: Okay, now I know you’ve told myself and I know you told Trooper Bey enough times, but I want to try to explain this one last time. Exactly what happened, why you killed Katie. Explain that to me again.

G: Because, for some reason I felt, I just felt that, what is going to happen after we die?

L: We don’t know that, we only presume that we’re going to heaven with God and we will be with God the rest of our lives after we are

B: for eternity

L: for eternity after we have died.

B: Is this what your bishop tells you.

G: No, I’m so lost I just don’t know what, I’m lost.

B: Why don’t you just explain to us why Katie had to die tonight.

G: Some reason, I think we can still save her.

L: No, we cannot. I have seen Katie and we cannot save her. Katie is dead and you know Katie is dead.

G: Yeah, I know. Why did I kill her?

L: Yea.

G: I felt it was a gain.

B: A gain for who?

G: A gain for us, the people.

L: All the people?

G: Yeah, not just in my religion.

B: Why?

G: Because, if I can get on track, it will come yet.

L: Okay. Maybe you can explain why you felt that you had to remove Katie’s crain and work your way from the brain down. Explain that to me.

G: You know how we, the human being were made?

L: Yes, from the top down.

G: That’s right.

L: Okay.

G: I had it in my mind that if I worked from the top down, I’m so lost, I don’t know what to day, the only way I can get

B: But why Katie? Why Katie?

L: How did you get Katie’s brain out?

G: I knocked it out, didn’t I?

L: Yes, you did know it out, but how did you get it out? What did you use to get her brain out? Just your hands?

G: Yeah.

L: Did you use your feet?

G: Yeah, I think, yeah, I used my feet too. But you see, what my problem is my hair prickled and they still prickle.

L: Yeah?

G: They’ve been prickling since I’m, this is what is causing all my problems. My hair is tickling, tingling, and . . . so you have any records from Hamot Medical?

B: No, not yet.

L: No. We know that you were there, leastwise we were told by your brother that you were there at Hamot and the ambulance people that were up there tonight also are the same people who came and took you a year ago.

G: No I don’t, my mind is backtracking or something.

B: Why’s that?

G: I don’t know, you know.

L: How did you

G: You know how, we dress differently than you do.

B: So what? That doesn’t mean

G: That doesn’t make any difference.

B: We still

G: We’re still just a person.

L: Yes.

B: That’s right.

G: And I feel I cannot find myself, I can’t find my right mind.

L: You cannot find your right mind?

G: I cannot sleep.

L: But what does, what does not finding your right mind, dressing differently, and not being able to sleep, what does all that have to do with why Katie had to die? This is where I’m still lost.

G: We have a conscience, don’t we?

L: We all have a conscience, hopefully we all have a conscience.

G: That’s what I’m getting at, now, I felt I had to kill her to get my conscience clear, for everybody else.

L: But why Katie?

G: That was my wife.

L: Yes, but why did she have to die?

G: I don’t know, but I thought she was getting me, she was trying to get me.

L: How was she trying to get you?

G: Because she didn’t want to cooperate with me, ah.

L: Are you going back to the family unit again?

G: That’s right.

L: Okay.

G: The family unit, I felt that I, I have a sawmill

L: Insomnia?

G: A sawmill.

L: Oh, a sawmill, okay.

G: and I be from a mechanical mind.

L: Uh-huh.

G: What I had was a nervous breakdown. Do you know what that is?

L: Yeah.

G: and, ah, you know how that works, your mind is chemically imbalanced

B: Right.

G: and I don’t have the balance right. I have my days mixed up.

B: Okay.

G: but for some reason, I think I have, I think we have more advantage than we used to have, more technology, why I don’t know.

L: But we’re getting again away from why you felt you had to kill Katie.

G: To get rid of the devil.

L: To get rid of the devil? Did you, did you plan to do this or did it just happen?

G: I was just going like this here, down the tunnel.

L: Down the tunnel?

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