The following quotes are from some of the readers who have been kind enough to e-mail Jim with their comments on The Lindbergh Case:

I just finished your wonderful Lindbergh Case. Hauptmann has always seemed so obviously guilty to me that I was confused as to why most writers had considered him innocent or even worse, framed. Thanks for your outstanding evaluation of the evidence. My only regret is that it took so long to discover your book. I now look forward to reading Ghosts of Hopewell.

Bill Dougherty
History teacher
Jolie High School
Houston, Texas

After reading The Ghosts of Hopewell and The Lindbergh Case, I immediately became a big fan of yours. What I appreciate most about you is the intellectual integrity (seeing things as they are, not how one wishes them to be) you demonstrate throughout your analysis and writing. Quite refreshing these days; so few people seem to possess this rare commitment to the truth. . . .

Robert Zorn

I read both of your books on the Lindbergh case, and loved them. I have attempted unsuccessfully to obtain a copy of the FBI statement taken from James B. Russell in 1934 that is twelve pages in length that you referenced in your book. . . .

Robert W. Barnd

I really enjoyed your two books on the [Lindbergh] case. After reading the first I visited the Lindbergh home at Hopewell, the NJSP Museum and the courthouse in Flemington. I am a trial lawyer and have prosecuted and defended many criminal cases. I was the elected state's attorney in a Maryland county for twenty years. I am now a United Nations international prosecutor in Kosovo.

Tom Hickman

Enjoyed your first book on the Lindbergh Case immensely and am looking forward to buying your most recent one. Initially, I was a believer in Hauptmann's innocence, thanks to your book and other sources, I am now realizing the overwhelming evidence toward his guilt.

Chuck Vitello

I am a prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice (Office of Special Investigations, the Nazi Prosecutors Unit) and have taken great interest in the Bruno Hauptmann case. I am thinking about writing an article about it from an unusual perspective. My particular angle is the Nazi connection to the case. . . .

Gregory S. Gordon

I very much enjoyed both of your books about the Lindbergh kidnapping and aftermath. While I don't completely agree with all of your conclusions, you have written the clearest accounts ever published about this crime -- and given the complexity of the case, that's an extraordinary accomplishment.

Colleen Brady

I read your books back in 2001 and really enjoyed them. . . . I have a theory about where Hauptmann may have originally hidden the money (and where the box Dr. Condon made may still be). On your advice, I took the "Lindbergh Tour" in the Bronx and found it quite interesting.

Doug Harrell

I've been interested in the Hauptmann Case my entire life (when I was young, I read my father's copy of Kidnap which got me hooked), and a few days ago I read your excellent book, The Lindbergh Case. I couldn't put it down (fortunately, I was home on vacation). Thank you for writing it, even though nothing -- not even facts or logic -- will stop the conspiracy theorists from spreading their nonsense in this case. I confess though, that even I had vague doubts about Hauptmann's guilt after reading The Airman and the Carpenter and Scapegoat. You allayed whatever doubts I had; the evidence is simply overwhelming.

Kent Booty

I have just finished reading both of your books on the Lindbergh kidnapping. . . . I read both of your books very avidly, thoroughly, and painstakingly, both from cover to cover. I truly appreciated your impartiality and unbiased manner in which you explain this case, based on the available evidence and not on pre-conceived ideas.

Joseph Mateus
Calgary, AB Canada

. . .Your book is extremely informative and interesting. . . . The amount of detail that went into this book is amazing, which is why, I'm sure, it has been hard to keep my hands on the book as many other students have been using it.

Philip Jasina
Monmouth University

I just finished reading your book. . . . It is my first read on anything about the kidnapping. I couldn't put it down. . . . I really loved your book. I love the very fact that you wrote a very obviously unbiased account. I felt like I was reading the truth.

Liz Perry