The following quotes are from some of the readers who have been kind enough to e-mail Jim with their comments on Ten Percent of Nothing:

I just finished Ten Percent of Nothing and found it fascinating, both in terms of the depths of the Deerings and the sky-high dreams of those they swindled. A great case and a tale you told well.

Adrienne Martini

I just finished reading Ten Percent of Nothing. It's fabulous! I laughed out loud at some of your dry wit. What a sad, sad story.

Jan Vaughn

. . . I hurriedly rifled through the pages until I found the chapters about my experience with the Deerings. I have to say, it was very well written. Thank you for being so kind about me in it. Nevertheless, it brought back a flood of emotions and after I finished reading the chapter I began to sob. I haven't been the same since the Deerings stole my dream. I am so happy that you have exposed this crime to other would-be writers.

Carolyn Steinmetz

I have just read this with mounting (but unsurprised) horror and with the exact sensation of your proverbial witness to a train wreck. A cold, clear, wonderfully reasoned documentary. . . . A splendid book, Mr. Fisher.

Barry N. Malzberg

I am a collector of books and ephemera about frauds, swindles, and confidence games, and have over 2,000 titles in my collection, going back to 1790. I have been at it for over 30 years. I just finished reading your Ten Percent of Nothing and have added it to my collection with pleasure. I found the book most informative, entertaining, and well-written.

William D. Gall

I am thrilled that you wrote the book about the Deerings. If no other book was ever written for authors, yours is surely the one to have been written.

Glenda Ivey

I recommend anyone in publishing get a copy of Ten Percent of Nothing to help their own education about the importance of using common sense and also avoiding fee-based agents.

Terry Whalin

. . . . I bought and read your book, Ten Percent of Nothing. It was a great read, and really told the story of the Deerings with precision. I can honestly tell you that I read the entire book in one sitting, it was that riveting.

Ed Williams

. . . . I finished reading your book last night, and I think you did a positively fantastic job on it. Thanks to you. I've spent the past few nights hanging out with Dorothy [Deering] and gaining valuable insights into the corrupt aspect of the publishing industry.

Lynne M. Zerance