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1970 to 1979


1970: The President’s Commission on Obscenity and Pornography submitted its controversial report to president Nixon
------- There were three major arson/murder cases in the U.S., each involving multiple deaths

1971: Juan Corona Case – U.S. – mass murder
------- Organized crime figure Joseph Columbo Sr. was killed in Central Park

1972: Since 1967, shoplifting was up 73%
------- Since 1968, there were 134 attempted skyjackings of U.S. aircraft
------- Organized crime figure “Crazy Joe” Gallo was killed
------- Organized crime figure Tommy Eboli was killed
------- Attempted assassination of George Wallace

1973: Edward Kemper III Case – U.S. – mass murder
------- Equity Funding Case – U.S. – computer fraud
------- Dean Corll Case – U.S. – mass murder

1974: There was a major arson/murder case at Port Chester, NY
------- National crime survey was conducted by the LEAA and the U.S. Census Bureau
------- National crime survey was conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics Department
------- The business community lost 21.3 billion dollars to crime this year
------- Arson claimed 1,000 lives and cost the U.S. $616 million
------- Of the 2,000 females arrested for homicide this year, only 1 out of 10 were convicted

1975: There was a $10 million arson in Shelton, Conn.
------- Organized crime figure Jimmy Hoffa disappeared
------- Organized crime figure Sam Giancana was killed
------- Since 1968, 30 American diplomats and other U.S. Officials in foreign countries were kidnapped
------- Two women attempted to assassinate President Ford on two separate occasions

1976: A college student stole over $1 million by computer fraud
------- Since 1950, there were 16 mass murder cases in the U.S. (7 victims or more)
------- Investigative reporter Don Bolles was killed while investigating business and organized crime dealings in Arizona and elsewhere
------- There was a major arson/murder case in New York City

1977: Berkowitz Case – U.S. – murder
------- Gary Gilmore was executed in Utah
------- The U.S. Senate held hearings on the arson problem
------- In Chicago, a convicted murder was sentences to 1,000 to 3,000 years by a judge
------- Jimmy Fratianno became the highest level Mafia informer to date
------- It was estimated this year that 25 to 50% of all fires were intentionally set

1978: Six restaurant employees were executed by robbers in Oklahoma City
------- Lufthansa Case – U.S. – robbery

1979: Since 1968, the Uniform Crime Reports index offenses rose 64%
------- There was a major arson/murder case in Hoboken, N.J.
------- This year bank robberies in the U.S. hit an all-time high
------- Organized crime figure Carmine Galante was gunned down in a New York City café
------- John Wayne Gacy Case – U.S. – mass murder
------- Since 1975, there was an increase in the incarceration rate for while collar criminals
------- White collar criminals stole more than $50 billion from U.S. business
------- Congress made arson a part I offense (for purposes of the Uniform Crime Reports)
------- Since the mid 1970’s, there were nine major arson-for-profit rings broken up by federal arson strike force teams

Forensic Science

1970: Paul Kirk died while his work, Criminal Investigation, was being revised
------- The FBI Crime Lab handled 42,000 major criminal cases

1971: The FBI devised a digital code identification system for sex offenders

1973: In the U.S., there were only a few universities or institutes that contributed to the work and advancement of the forensic sciences
------- Europe – Universities, institutes, and special police personnel contributed jointly to forensic science
------- England and Wales – All of the crime labs were under the same administration, unlike the system in America
------- Scotland – most of the work in the forensic science field came out of the universities

1977: England – The North Eastern Forensic Laboratory was opened

1978: The forensic science labs in Great Britain handled over 50,000 major criminal cases
------- Ted Bundy Case – U.S. – forensic dentistry

1979: England – The Home Office spent 5 million pounds this year on forensic science services
------- England – The forensic science research branch of the Home Office announced advances in forensic serology

Law Enforcement

1970-1979: In the U.S., police administrators were concerned with more efficient crime control

1970: By this time there were, in the U.S., over 80 police departments with canine units

1971: The Knapp Commission disclosed rampant police corruption in the NYPD

1972: The Kansas City patrol study cast doubts on the crime prevention effectiveness of police patrols
------- J. Edgar Hoover died, thus ending a 48 year era in FBI history

1973: The Rand Corporation conducted a study on criminal investigative procedure which questioned the investigative effectiveness of the U.S. police

1976: Storefront sting operations launched by several local and federal police agencies were successful measures against fences and thieves

1977: The Houston Police Department was the last big city police department to form an internal affairs unit

1979: The Guardian Angels were formed in New York City by Curtis Sliwa
------- By this time there were 177 arson task forces operating in the U.S.

Criminal Law

1970: Congress passed the Organized Crime Control Act

1971: Congress passed the Fair Credit Reporting Act

1972: Furman v. Georgia

1973: Congress passed the Crime Control Act to amend the 1968 Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act

1974: Congress passed the Privacy Act

1976: 35 states began revamping their criminal codes to reinstate the death penalty under new U.S. Supreme Court guidelines

Crime Prevention and Private Security

1970: $3.3 billion spent by the private sector for security services

1971: Architect Oscar Newman developed the concept of “defensible space”

1972: The Rand Corporation published its 4 volume study of the security industry

1973: John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City started one of the first college degree programs in security

1974: There were 226,300 in-house security guards and investigators and 71,200 contract security personnel in the U.S.
------- The Wackenhut Corporation landed a $15 million contract to guard the construction of the Alaska pipeline

1975: A private security task force began a major study of the security industry
------- Six major corporations controlled over 50% of the protective services and products market in the U.S.

1979: U.S. Business lost $7 billion to industrial espionage this year

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